Dog Fighting Tip Line 877-TIP-HSUS

Report Dog Fighting and Cock Fighting to the Humanse Society.
Always call 9-1-1 First, then follow up with HSUS, $5,000 reward

Alley Cat Allies – Stray and Feral Cat Education/Assistance    Trap and kill isn’t humane or effective. Find humane alternatives, learn about TNR, educate your neighbors.

World Vets     International aid for animals – World Vets helps thousands of animals every year across the world

Sheltering Families & Pets Together

SAFT Program     Victims of domestic violence are both human and animal – everyone should be able to find shelter with their pets

Feline Veterinary Emergency Assistance Program     FVEAP is a non-profit organization that helps cat caregivers provide emergency life saving veterinary care.


All Natural USA made pest control for pets and families – Wondercide

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