All Natural Canned Meats 12 – 28oz cans mixed


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All natural, no chemicals or artificial preservatives, 100% US raised and humanely processed canned meats by Survivalcavefood

These meats are made for human consumption and are shelf stable.

Sold in cases of 12 cans, each can is 28 ounces of meat.
Choose: Beef, Chicken, Turkey, Pork or Ground Beef

  • How is this meat different from the grocery store?
    Farm raised in the US, humanely processed and hand butchered, these meats are hand packed into food grade cans with only a small amount of salt (for tenderization) – the cans are then sealed and slow pressure cooked. No water or broth is added, no artificial preservatives or chemicals, no bones and very lean. Just 100% meat.

  • Why should I feed my pet these meats?
    Cats and dogs are carnivores. They need meat to survive. Feeding your pet the freshest, highest quality foods will provide a better quality of life for your pet. Always consult your veterinarian when changing your pets diet.

  • Cost comparison
    You are purchasing 12 cans with 28 ounces in each can – that’s just under 24 pounds of meat, no bones, no filler, no grissle – all you pay for is the meat

How to order:
Sold in cases of 12 cans
You can purchase an entire case of 1 meat or mix and match meats. As long as each case totals to 12 cans, we can accommodate!

Additional information

Weight25 lbs
Meats Available

Beef, Chicken, Turkey, Pork, Ground Beef, Mixed


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