Puppies have a special place in our hearts! Not only are they super sweet and playful, but they also look up to us to teach them, guide them and show them love. Bringing home the right puppy supplies will make a world of difference for you and your little one!

Puppies have TONS of energy and there are two important things you’ll need to know when bringing home a new puppy:

  1.  You’re puppy needs lots of guidance, positive reinforcement training and love
  2. Reign in all that puppy energy with the proper toys!

Keep your puppy engaged with play and training (disguised as play!) and you’ll find they have much less time to get in to trouble 🙂

Puppies need lots of love and attention, especially in the first few months to help them socialize with humans. Puppies have tons of energy and need you to provide healthy and positive outlets for their energy! Finding the kinds of toys that your puppy responds best to will help both of you to be happy and bonded.

Check out our varieties of toys including stuffed, unstuffed and rugged toys for those puppies who really love to tear things up!

Making sure your puppy has his (or her) own space is also important. If a dog doesn’t feel like they belong in a place, they will be nervous and could act out in ways unfavorable to you and your family. Make sure they have a warm bed and a place to call their own. At Kurious Kitty we have a large selection of beds and blankets to make their bedroom in your home as comfortable as possible, a place they will want to go! Check out all of our puppy supplies!

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