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Dogs are man’s best friend, they are loyal and loving members of our family. All breeds of dogs, rescues and muttigrees all deserve the best!

Adult dogs, puppies and senior dogs will all have different needs for food and supplies. Varying stages of life require different nutrition, different toys for play levels and even different beds depending on your pup’s ability in their life stage. Kennel training and leash training are particularly important in the early stages of life for a canine. We also know how important it is at all life stages for your dog to have the right nutrition. It is our goal at to make sure your pet is healthy and happy through out all stages of life!

Training your dog early on will help them acclimate better in your home, and will provide a better bond between you and your dog. We always recommend positive training methods which include food motivated behaviors, but sometimes your dog will be more behaviorally motivated or even toy motivated! Check out our dog toys section to see all the really great toy options we have for your pup! From tough and rugged to soft and even unstuffed for those dogs who like to make their toys explode!

And when it’s time to go to bed, make sure your dog has the perfect place to call their own with a nice soft bed and a warm blanket. We have many different types of beds in all shapes and sizes and even fabric colors and patterns … and don’t forget to pick up that special blanket to keep them warm.